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A word of our President

Louis Roy, Pl. Fin., A.V.C.
President of the Memphremagog Chamber of Commerce

Dear members and partners,

On behalf of the board of directors and my behalf, welcome to the Memphrémagog Chamber of Commerce.

The mission of our Chamber of Commerce is to support and strengthen the Memphremagog business community by providing it with the tools necessary to develop its commercial, tourist, industrial, entrepreneurial, and cultural activities. The fact remains that our true driving force, our reason for being, is undoubtedly to place human capital at the top of our priorities, the very capital that gives a distinct signature to the many companies that are the pride of our significant territory.

By encouraging networking and entrepreneurial growth and focusing on values of integrity, commitment, diversity, and inclusion, the Chamber of Commerce aspires to inspire the region’s economic partners. The challenge is tremendous but achievable.

Today, the Chamber of Commerce joins the 17 municipalities of the MRC Memphrémagog. By focusing on partnership, collaboration, and the commitment of the various sector stakeholders, we will make Memphrémagog a contagious entrepreneurial success.