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Lucie Marois, speaker, trainer and coach.

For senior executives, senior management and entrepreneurs

Focus your leadership on modernity and dare to innovate in and with your teams.

Give yourself time to: – Alleviate your concerns – Share your situation – Reflect – Receive support from the group and the trainer

Choose your level of leadership and discover how to reinvent your approach with your teams. Leadership is a real-world experience and an opportunity to increase your impact. We will work on the possibilities and obstacles to do so.


  • Statement of Outdated Methods of Leadership
  • How to emerge as a visionary leader?
  • Levels of leadership: how to demonstrate inspiring and mobilizing leadership?
  • 10 ways to sabotage your leadership
  • Good moves from influential leaders
  • Change is a process to understand in order to succeed
  • How can you shape the future with your current priorities?