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In a context where the labor shortage is still hitting local businesses hard, several managers are still looking for solutions. But what does recruiting in 2024 mean? What are all these options available and the pitfalls to avoid? Which strategy to use and in what context? This conference aims to present these different solutions, to demystify them and to equip you to properly select your HR partners. How to navigate this array of service offerings, which often seem identical to us. Our speakers will present different approaches, debunk several myths and popularize the most common concepts.

We will also discuss the hiring of temporary foreign workers; an avenue often explored, but where there is some complexity in navigating the different programs and understanding all aspects of regulation and compliance. In what situations should you consider this avenue and why? We will present to you different scenarios and immigration strategies that can enable the recruitment and hiring of temporary foreign workers who will meet your needs while respecting your obligations. We will also review certain tools and working methods that will allow you to effectively manage your files. Recruiting in 2024 still has its challenges, but they can be met brilliantly with the right strategies and partners. It’s a date!


  • Caroline Roy, HR consultant and owner of CaroetCo
  • Jean-Philippe Brunet – Partner, immigration expert
  • Marc-Alexis Laroche, Lawyer

May 30th, 2024